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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Wednesday


It has been few weeks here, in Toowoomba. The weather getting colder as the winter is just around the corner. I need to buy more winter clothes, coz I only got few jackets. Pity Aisy too, coz she's only got few of them. 

I can't wait to move to our new house this Friday!! After all the problems that I faced to deal with 'people' about the house. Naahh.. Nevermind. The problem has been solved yesterday.  I'll update more about my house in the next entry.

This is what we usually have on Wednesday in USQ. Recreational activities..
          My labmates (the 3 guys).


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Cik Puan Mimi said...

Kelas sgt nok main chess beso gebadak gitu. Hana. Jaga diri tempat org. Kim slm aisy