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Monday, September 8, 2014

Movie World, Sea World (Gold Coast) and Australia Zoo (Sunshine Coast) trip

Last two weeks, my sister came all the way from Kuala Lumpur to have a week holiday with us! Yeahhhhh... Happy, excited semua ada. Lama weyh tak jumpa, duk video call je lah pun kan. At last, she came to visit us and travel all alone from KL. Salute lah Sya! Lain kali boleh datang lagi. Lone ranger pon apedehal? kikiki..

So, for that trip, I did all the hotels booking and bought the theme parks tix and also Australia Zoo tix. Luckily for that week it was not bad the weather. Because the week before the weather was totally horrific with the rain and everything. Pheww... My sis landed on the 24th August at the Coolangatta airport very early in the morning. We drove down to Gold Coast at 4 a.m in bloody cold morning! Aisy tak mandi pun. hihi.. We reached at the airport around 7.30 a.m and Syasya already stood standing at the arrival, luckily we're not that late. Hahaha..We wanted to go to the hotel but the check-in time is at 2 p.m. So, untuk menghabiskan masa terpaksalah berjalan2 sekitar Tweed Heads and we went to the malls searching for a sim card so Syasya can be 'alive'! hahaha.. And yeah, we went to Harbour Town, Gold Coast for some shopping. Weeeeeeeeee... Memandangkan raya haritu tak bershopping pun, so kali ni kita balas dendam =D.

We stayed at Blue Water Apartment for 3 days and 2 nights and it cost me only $250. Murah kan? Oklah, self-contained apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Ada laundry room semua siap. hiihi 

The Blue Water Apartment and last picture is the view in front of the apartment.

After we had some rest, hana bawak Syasya jalan2 sekitar Surfers Paradise. We had kebab for dinner and went to Hard Rock coz syasya nak carik t-shirt for her friend. Terus tergoda sebab menemankan dia. huhu..

Aisy got her first hard rock t-shirt from here!

budak mucuk jalan2 sekitar pool dekat apartment

Second day, pagi2 pukul 9 a.m kami bertolak ke Movie World. After almost 1 and half year duk Qld baru lah nak pergi theme parks. Kitorg ni tunggu je kalau ada family nak datang baru join sebab kalau pergi 3 orang je sape nak tengokkan aisy kalo naik ride kan? hahaha.. Kebetulan, masa beli tix ada deal buy 3 tickets you got 1 free ticket only for $299. And this was annual VIP pass for Movie World, Sea World and Wet n Wild valid until June 2015. Yeeehaaa..

Movie World entrance

ini lah hakikat kalo bergambar dengan anak kecik

it was 75th anniversary for Batman that week

spooky scooby doo indoor roller coaster

 my sis with the superman ride

we didn't have our lunch here so we just grab some cakes and drinks

aaaarrgghhh teringat dekat Reese peanut buttercup frappe. sedapnya lah!

the hero that day

Around 2.30 pm, we went to Sea World. We grab our lunch here, obviously we had our fish n chips coz we're at Sea World. hahaha..

The cable car that go all the way from front to an end of the sea world. Haritu tak berkesempatan coz kitorang jalan je kaki lagipun nak cepat coz sea world tutup pukul 5pm.

one of the show - seal

aisy suka lah ni. dola dola kata aisy dengan pelat

dolphin show ni seronok!

polar bear in Sea World

The next day, we checked-out and head to Sunshine Coast. So, the fourth day of the trip we stayed in La Promenade, Caloundra. Here, it cost me about $195/night.

the view from the room. Yeah, we had an open living room. hoho.. Aisy je dapat enjoy jacuzzi tu.

Our bed. 2nd bedroom (2 singles bed) was at the entrance door.

kitchen and laundry

La Promenade which had the view of Bribie Island

panorama view from the walk

The fifth day, we went to Australia Zoo. Cakap dengan Sya2 if you came to Oz you should at least meet with the roos and koalas. Kalau tak, tak sah lah trip ke oz. Gitteww.. So, the ticket here cost us $59 + $2 for zoo hospital/person.

Aisy at the entrance. Ohh lupa. This Australia Zoo was the zoo related to the late Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter hero!

us at crocoseum - main attraction

mommy landing dengan kangaroo jinak ni.


asiy and the zebras

aisy feeding the kangaroo and she loves doing it!

we had the chance to pat the koalas. Lembut macam pegang teddy bear.

aisy ni jumpa buaya pun bawak kain busuk dia. iskk..

one of the show.

at the kids zoo where they had all sort of sheeps and piglets. oink oink.. hahaha

Yeah, afterall we had a very good time with my sister. My sister enjoyed her one week stay in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. Alhamdulillah, dapat juga one of my family member datang jenguk kami kat sini. So, who wanna come next to visit us?? 


Unknown said...

i want to visit u guys..

amboi aisy, bergambar sekarang ni dah pandai posing gaya model eh..sapa ajar ni?

cantik nya apartment korang

OmmaHussein said...

bestnyaa..nak pegi sana lagi..xpuas..hehe..hana dok sana bape lama?

hana yoriee said...

Athi and Nida: Jemputlah datang ke bumi kangaroo ni lagi.. Hana kat sini insyaAllah sampai pertengahan 2016. Kalau berkesempatan boleh la jumpa korang kalau dtg sini =)

Anonymous said...

Blogwalking sambil baca entri. :)

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