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Thursday, January 14, 2010

pagi yang terang


today was actually a gud + tiring day 4 me..huhu..early dis morning, ayah sent the offer letter to, i need to finish the registration to b a new staff today itself..huh..bangun n terus isi borang tu sume..terus la g melapor ke faculty n registrar.penat gak layanan setelah bergelar staff ni very the frenly lah from d other staff..hehe..sume berjalan ngan lancar..ada lah sket je yg blom, tomorrow i've to pack my things from PG room at 7th floor to move at new tutor room at 1st floor..waaahh..environment baru!! huhu..harap2 dpt ler besekan diri dgn cepat.

owh, forgot to mention n a lil update about my wedding planning. ayah had called atuk (kelantan) n asked him about the date that i suggest to my family. n nasib baik sumenya ok n atuk pun setuju dgn tarikh tu.hehe..YES!!, skrg tggl tunggu dy balik jer.ermm..pasni mesti bz dgn keje..but, i hope i still got the time to do some stuff for my wedding n get it done bit by bit.hurmm..

actually, there's one card dat really catch my eyes to it. simple n elegant sangat card ni. i loike!! hehe..cube tgk..sangat cun kan kad dia?? this will be one of my choice for the invitation card if i didn't get others that are soooo much better compared to this one la..hehe..


That's it for now..i'll update soon.. =D have a gud day everyone..


Love Says it All~ said...

hi... how's everything? dah ready for the big day?/ baju2 dah tempah ke?? dah kebaya house look soooo damn gorgeous!

hana yoriee said...

teeheehee..i have a looonnggg way to go la dear..haha..tak ready ape2 lg..still in planning stage.. =) hopefully nnt ada lah progressnye dlm bulan 2 ni..