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Friday, March 5, 2010

2010 wedding trends

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This post is actually to remind me of 2010 wedding trends that I MIGHT include in my wedding. i've got this info while reading an article from Maybe this article cud give ideas to others b2b.

2010 Wedding Trends

Wedding Dresses

Romantic, flowing dresses in floor-length styles remain popular. Brides today choose dresses with flowing, soft fabrics, ruffles, satin sashes (at the waist), and delicate floral details. Most dress silhouettes are refined and include the delicate overlaying of fabrics such as chiffon, tulle and lace. Gowns with crystal, cubic zirconia, and/or pearl embellished bodices are very popular at the moment.

The modified A-line skirt also remains prominent on the fashion runways (slim through the waist and flared at the bottom) although many designers have included ball gowns (for hana maybe this one is not suitable for malaysian..hehe) and tea-length styles in their lines as well. Strapless gowns are perennial favorites, but this season has brought back the off-the-shoulder look for brides who want to accentuate their neckline or draw attention to gorgeous jewelry. In the US, we are continuing to see color in wedding dresses which have been popular for some time internationally. Champagne, platinum and even black are currently popular (wow..this is unbelieavable!! dun they looked like grieving?).

Wedding Accessories

Shorter trains and veils are popular as are pretty boleros (yeah..boleros..), faux-fur wraps and shawls. For colder weather, brides choose wraps of faux-fur, velvet, heavy satin, or pashmina (ni tak payah we r not living in this cold climate). Light weight fabrics, including organza, lace, tulle and chiffon (yea..ini seswai), make perfect wraps for the Spring or Summer bride and reduce sun exposure on bare arms and shoulders.

Pearls, rhinestones, and crystals remain the top jewelry choice for necklaces and earrings. Crystal brooches are also a popular accent for wearing on the dress, in the hair or on the bouquet handle.

Wedding Hair Styles

There are no clear trends in hair styles, although wearing the hair in long romantic waves or loosely pulled back are popular choices for brides with long hair. Hair ornaments such as hairpins, brooches, and hair vines made with crystals, pearls, rhinestones, and/or silk flowers are also popular.

Beautiful tiaras and combs made with either rhinestones, crystals, or pearls have been the trend for many seasons and seem to be getting smaller as more crystal-embellished dress styles take center-stage. Some brides are placing their veils directly on their hair or using a single silk flower for a simple, classic look. Visit our hair gallery for hundreds of hairstyle ideas.

2010 Wedding Color Trends

The table below includes popular wedding color choices for the upcoming seasons:

Fall/Winter: deep red teal violet mocha sage

Spring/Summer: turquoise platinum coral pale yellow champagne

See more color schemes and inspiration.

Wedding Bouquets

Ninety five percent of wedding bouquets are hand-tied, where the flowers are gathered together and the stems are wrapped in wide satin ribbon. Brides wanting more glamorous bouquets choose beads, brooches, jewel pins, pearls, crystal/rhinestone picks, and monogrammed ribbon to dress up plain ribbon-wrapped stems and blooms. With the continuing popularity of the beach and garden themes, brides wanting a more rustic and natural look to their bouquet add elements such as shells/starfish, feathers, berries and pinecones.

The rose continues to be the most popular and elegant bouquet flower. Lilies, peonies, hydrangeas, tulips and orchids represent the trendier choices. Arrangements with a just-picked and looser casual look have replaced the more tightly-bound bouquet shapes of previous seasons. Vivid flower colors will continue in popularity.

More and more mothers are carrying small posies instead of wearing the traditional corsage. Silk flowers are also popular for their versatility and life-like appearance. Visit our extensive bouquet gallery for ideas and inspiration.

Wedding Reception Decorations

Brides are choosing centerpieces that are in the same color tones, but of different sizes. This gives the reception tables a more interesting look and a less "coordinated" feel. Unique vase fillers include glass marbles

, sea glass shells, acrylic ice, water absorbing crystals/beads, and fresh fruits such as lemons and limes.

Faux rose petals, diamond confetti and shells/starfish remain the most popular confetti. Also, flowering vines or individually cut flowers are placed directly onto table linens. Reception chairs are decorated with either tulle, fabric overlays, floral swags and/or ribbons. Other popular decorating items include Chinese lanterns, garlands and balloons. Disposable cameras, placed on each table, allow guests to capture candid moments.

An increasingly popular trend is the candy buffet or confection bar ( i personally like to have this!! its yummy!!). This consists of a variety of candies or treats placed in varied sizes of glass containers and grouped on a table. Pretty silver spoons or scoops in each container allows guests to fill small boxes or bags as take-home favors.

Bolts of economical tulle fabric are typically combined with white lights and/or floral garlands for draping between pews and decorating banisters and ceilings. Click for more tulle decorating ideas.

Candles, always a popular choice for centerpieces, lend a romantic feel to any room. Choices include pillars, tea lights, tapers and floaters. Since some facilities do not allow candles, alternatives include faux tea light candles, battery operated LED lights, and fiber optic lights.

Head tables are replaced with a small table for just the bride and groom. Many couples plan weekend weddings that start on Friday and go for the entire weekend. Dove releases and add drama and excitement to the event. Butterfly releases, despite the environmental issues, also remain popular.

Today's couples most often pay for their own weddings and make their own decisions about what they want for their wedding day. Using a budget calculator allows them to allocate their money and prioritize wants and needs. They want to enjoy a wedding that is uniquely theirs, and one that displays their own sense of style and personal taste. Personal touches appear throughout the entire wedding, and can be found in attire, favors, decorations, stationary, photography, themes, flowers, gifts, and locations.

Wedding Favors

Although completely optional, couples now opt for more unusual, useful, and personalized favors to thank their guests for coming. In many cases, the favors do double-duty as place-card holders, table decorations, and even centerpiece arrangements where larger favors are grouped together in the center of the reception tables.

Favors can be ready-made items, although currently less popular, or hand-made and embellished with ribbon and accents that coordinate with the wedding theme or color scheme. This is definitely an area of weddings that has gone DIY in recent months.

Wedding Transportation

Limousines, exotic cars, and horse-drawn carriages are top picks for wedding transportation. More unconventional choices include motorcycles, horses, two-person bikes, hot-air balloons, and sleighs.

Wedding Themes

Currently, the top wedding themes are "beach", "garden", "winter wonderland", "vintage glamour", "woodland/rustic", and "Tiffany Blue" (aqua) and "sparkling diamonds." Destination and ethnic-influenced celebrations also remain popular choices. See more theme choices.

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