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Monday, February 22, 2010

what color suits ur skin tone?

colors...ermm..kaler ni sangat memainkan peranan penting utk menyerlahkan pemakaian seseorg itu..pernah tak uolls nampak lebam bila pakai grey color, nampak kusam bila pakai blue color??, tetiba terlintas nak search pasal article mengenai colors that suit with my skin tone yg tak bape nak cerah, let's share this article with uolls..this article is quite a ling, uolls have to be patient while reading it..hehe.. =)

In this article we’ll find out what some of your flattering colors are, and talk about how to bring vibrant colors into your outfit without looking over the top. We’ll also address why you should wear colors, and how you can go about incorporating them into your look.

Most people are afraid of wearing color, mostly because they don’t know how to wear them. If the world is so clueless about color. What color do most people turn to? Is there anything left?

The absence of color: black

It’s the default safety net. I mean just take one good look around yourself the next time you’re in a crowded place, and note how many people are wearing black.

Don’t get me wrong, black can look great. Wear it. I love black too. But unless you’re the Dark Knight, keep the black minimal, and explore the world of color out there. Expand the number of choices you have in your wardrobe!

Finding The Best Colors For Your Skin Tone

Color is very personal, and there is really so much out there, so go experiment with it and have fun.

Bring a friend to the store and try on lots of new colors outside of your comfort zone, and ask for their opinion on each one. Or my favorite, bring a camera and take a picture of yourself in lots of new outfits, experimenting with color. Then you can show lots of people and get multiple opinions, saving your money till you’re ready to buy.

Whether you’re dark-skinned, medium-toned, or pale-skinned, you can find appropriate colors for your complexion.

You really don’t need to have a color analysis done. Color analyses aren’t absolute, we shouldn’t be limited by them; find what you like through self-experimentation and expression.

The whole process is a lot more fun, rather than someone just telling you what you should wear.

However, there are definitely basic concepts out there to guide you. Here are some basic guidelines to start you off in the right direction:

Dark Skin tone

Dark-skinned men tend to have black or dark brown hair and eyes. If you fall into this category, the colors that you wear should contrast with your dark features. The contrast brightens up your look and catches the eye.

Some colors that flatter your skin tone:

Baby blue

You should stay away from tropical colors and really dark shades. While black and navy blue are hard to avoid altogether because they basically make up the corporate uniform, try to keep them to a minimum and wear only when necessary.

Some colors that are NOT flattering on you:

Dark brown
Spring green

Medium Skin tone

Medium-toned men can have anything from blonde locks to jet-black manes, and their eye color can vary from baby blue to onyx black. If you’re lucky enough to fall into this category, it means that you can wear just about any color and still look sharp. Since light and dark colors both contrast nicely with your skin tone, you can go either way.

If you tan nicely, it could be an option for you to get a tan so that you can express yourself better through a wider range of colors.

Some colors that flatter your skin tone:

Royal blue

The only colors that you should really avoid are those that might blend in too closely with your skin tone. For example, if you have an olive complexion, avoid wearing olive-colored or brown clothing.

Some colors that are NOT flattering on you:

Dark brown

Fair skin tone

Fair-skinned men will tend to have red, blonde, or dirty blonde hair. Their eye color is often just as fair, including green, blue, gray, or hazel. If you match this description, your best bet is to go with more subdued colors or pastels. These will blend well with your skin tone, and create a look that’s both appealing and relaxing to the eye.

Some colors that flatter your skin tone:

Light blue
Bold blue

The key is to steer clear of harsh or bright colors since these will contrast with your skin in an unflattering way. Basically, your clothes will stand out while you fade into the background. That said, stay away from vibrant colors at all costs.

Some colors that are NOT flattering on you:



If you have dark skin, you generally look great in strong colors: Warm orange, aubergine (French for eggplant). The darker your skin, the more you can get away with wearing those bright reds and yellows and oranges.

If you’re stuck in the middle, with medium-tone skin, don’t be troubled. You can wear any color under the sun, including awesome earth tones like English khaki, taupe, loden green.

People with fair skin, light hair: blue eyes, and soft features look great in soft pastels: pale pink, pale blue, ivory, lavender. They don’t always look good in black. Don’t be afraid of pastels. Remember, wearing pink doesn’t make you gay. And if you have blue eyes, wearing bright blues just intensifies them.


All the ridiculous rules out there can be overwhelming. But most people need some direction. This is a very delicate matter because there are so many shades of skin tone. The last thing I want to do is to limit your choice of colors, so please go and experiment.

If you get compliments on a certain color there must be a good reason - keep what works and get rid of what doesn’t.

p-o-s-t-i-t-s-h-o-r-t: so..i have to change the theme color or skin color??hehe.. =p


PUAN THALHA : said...

thanks for the info. tapi kita tak kisah kalau tak seswai dengan kulit kita. janji warna kita suka, kita on je. hihi

hana yoriee said...

tu laa..hana pun ingat macam tu jgk..nak jugak kaler yg hana, kena balance dgn make up la nnt =)